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I have been an Ønskebok reader for one and a half year and I have learned a lot during this period. Ønskebok is a Norwegian internet site for finding books, a good read in a new way. Our tutor is Rachel Van Riel who first made the the site is for mainly adult books, while Ønskebok has juveniles as their main target group. 

What have I learned? To read books I normally would not have chosen, to reflect while reading and not as I usually do read to be entertained. I notice that I am more sensible to the main atmosphere of the book and not that eager to look for the more dramatic parts of the story. I find that this way of reading is quite rewarding and it helps me when people coming to the library asks for help to find a nice book. One day at the library a boy in his teens asked for Dan Brown: The Da Vinci code, I showed him where he could find it but a few minutes later he came and asked for another book more suitable for his age. Later I saw he had used Ønskebok to make his choice! I hope he enjoyed the book as much as the young man sitting in Byparken did.

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