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I am in Lillehammer, giving a lecture on Norwegian picture books together with POK. The lecture was given yesterday and it was well received. I was not so very happy myself, because we were asked to shorten the lecture just before we should start and this kind of messages tend to make oneself very nervous. But as M said, its only yourselves that notice the flaws and lacks? Well… this makes it even more important to prepare and be ready for every aspect.

Today we are going to a lecture given by a cartoonist on the art museum. Later we will go and listen to the people on the NBI talking about quality in childrens literature. And then I am going home!

En kommentar om “And the name is Lilly Hammer!

  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    I was happy to read about your stay in Lillehammer;)


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