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On the 5th of July my son is getting married and by now I am seized by a slight panic. It is the song! The tear dropping, emotional song that we have to create to fill the tradition. And then there are the cakes, the breakfast, the beds, the refreshments, the clothes, the hairdresser and so on and here we go! The happy couple are in Stockholm and we are trying to concentrate on the song. I made myself a nice cup of tea, then some more coffee, a sharpened pencil, some examples from earlier productions and so I sat down. My head turned immediately empty! It was nothing there, instead I left to take some photos. The day will come when I will regret this…    


En kommentar om “My son is getting married!

  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    Lean frog,
    don´t give in,
    Issa is here!


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