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These days the library is showing paintings of Rolf Monsen a painter living in Bergen and partly in Sevilla, Spain. His paintings are large, color full and filled with all kind of statements. I love the smell of these paintings and the mixture of books, paper and the paintings creates an unique atmosphere. Since the paintings are so large (120×120) we had to take down all our pictures, the children drawings, the paper stand and some of the magazines. The regular people coming in to read the papers had to move to the back of the library to have some peace and quiet and the children cannot, for a while pin their drawings directly on the wall. The pictures are quite overwhelming by their size and bright colors and I start to wonder can the intrusion of these paintings make the library visitors more aware of their surroundings? More open to read books that they usually would choose? Will the subordination of some of the library functions suffer or find new ways to express themselves? Its an experiment, a nice one I hope!

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  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    On the way home from Lisbon I have enjoyed reading this! Wish I was there to see;)


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