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The very last day in October ended rather discouraging: my boss sent me an e-mail saying we will have to stop buying stuff for the rest of the year! That is really too bad! In these days we should have the opportunity to buy all the books we wanted to and furbish our borrowers with new and exiting books, but alas – no more new books. I try to tell myself, this is only a job, do the best you can, you have to adjust – but it does not work. I get frustrated! I think the libraries should be spared for cutbacks and recessions they are made to serve the people, to tighten the gap between those who can afford to buy the books and stuff they want and the ones who can´t.  But in the organization of the Meland kommune everyone have to make some sacrifices! Well, we will have to make some interesting exhibitions of our old books. Perhaps we can make the borrowers forget about the newest books for a while? LOL

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