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Christmas at the library

Same procedure as last year! The library invites the colleagues from the culture and school department to the traditional Christmas lunch. This year we were 21 persons, only two children but they kept themselves and their mother busy! Christmas lunchThe staff are in charge of the arrangement, but the boss has to make a speech! Alina from Romania came to our rescue when we should decorate the tables, but all took their share and the arrangement went well. These days I am reading, eating and enjoying the company of my family, it`s great! Yesterday I read Eit vintereventyr of Jan Roar Leikvoll, I felt sick! Some of the descriptions were sickening because of the horrors of the concentration camp. It was very well written, but I wonder if these terrible descriptions of human evil were necessary to get the message through? I think I will try something more light hearted the rest of the vacation…

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I have been an Ønskebok reader for one and a half year and I have learned a lot during this period. Ønskebok is a Norwegian internet site for finding books, a good read in a new way. Our tutor is Rachel Van Riel who first made the the site is for mainly adult books, while Ønskebok has juveniles as their main target group. 

What have I learned? To read books I normally would not have chosen, to reflect while reading and not as I usually do read to be entertained. I notice that I am more sensible to the main atmosphere of the book and not that eager to look for the more dramatic parts of the story. I find that this way of reading is quite rewarding and it helps me when people coming to the library asks for help to find a nice book. One day at the library a boy in his teens asked for Dan Brown: The Da Vinci code, I showed him where he could find it but a few minutes later he came and asked for another book more suitable for his age. Later I saw he had used Ønskebok to make his choice! I hope he enjoyed the book as much as the young man sitting in Byparken did.

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The Great Tit, Parus major

This morning going to work I saw mother Great Tit and all her kids eagerly exercise in the art of acrobatic flying. They were buzzing in and out of the branches of the trees along the road. I was thinking about reading: how to become a better and more reflected reader? That will also demand some exercise and some effort in taking the time to read different kind of books and not always for the purpose to relax. When I come home from work I am usually not in the mood to read heavy stuff, but to understand my craft I will have to get beyond this obstacle and try. Perhaps make an agreement with myself? Ten pages on work related nonfiction and then one episode of C.S.I.?

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The art of reading

I have been reading a book on how to manage a reading group. The book was written by Immi Lundin several years ago, but her message is still important: You can develop yourself as a reader! I belong to a reading group and our last meeting made me extremely frustrated. I thaught we had read a marvelous book, but no one seemed really interested in discussing it and after a short introduction and some comments people started to talk about something else. So I decided to equip myself with some ideas of how to get a little further in the art of reading. I found Immi Lundins writings most helpful and I will try to pratice her advices at our next session. I will publish the notes of my findings later on.