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Same procedure as last year! The library invites the colleagues from the culture and school department to the traditional Christmas lunch. This year we were 21 persons, only two children but they kept themselves and their mother busy! Christmas lunchThe staff are in charge of the arrangement, but the boss has to make a speech! Alina from Romania came to our rescue when we should decorate the tables, but all took their share and the arrangement went well. These days I am reading, eating and enjoying the company of my family, it`s great! Yesterday I read Eit vintereventyr of Jan Roar Leikvoll, I felt sick! Some of the descriptions were sickening because of the horrors of the concentration camp. It was very well written, but I wonder if these terrible descriptions of human evil were necessary to get the message through? I think I will try something more light hearted the rest of the vacation…

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