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Yesterday while sitting at the reference desk I got this question on how to find books on working in laboratories. The person who asked says she is a nurse, but she didn`t speak Norwegian or English and she wanted her books in French. The temperature in the library was at this point 29C and my brain was boiling. I assumed she would have books on working in a laboratory in a hospital, but did I ask her? Oh no! I did some faint attempts to search, but found nothing. Then I called my son and he told me the people working in laboratories are called bioengineers working with microbiology and biochemistry. Then he asked if she couldn´t do this by herself… and I had to tell him of the obligations of a librarian bla,bla,bla… and he drew a sigh and recommended me to drink some water.

After a while I found something that might interest my borrower, but not in French. Perhapes I could recomend her a course in Norwegian or English?

En kommentar om “The Refence Diva?

  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    I have with great sympathy read about your painstaking activity, and I heartly agree with you (and your son!): She should definitely learn to read a language other than French! At the moment I am in Canada, where people speak both with some fluency…;)

    Best wishes
    Per Olav


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