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The eyes are following me

It´s these eyes. I have not noticed them before, a lot of people have been around the house and myself occupied with household matters. Of course they have been here all the time, when M, E and L arrived, then the eyes came, noticing everything, sensing every change of mood, forcing itself into my mind making me take it into consideration what ever I wanted to do. Now when everyone has gone and I am alone, the eyes are making themselves more present and demanding. I have even made my son get up early in the morning to walk the eyes to get some relief, but it is only for a short while and then they are back, staring at me. How can I read these eyes? Are they saying eat, what a bout a snack, play or go for a walk? I am in the dark here.   What to do? Invite some people to take the weight of the staring? Yes, and even make them walk this staring dog!


I love to read! Reading makes my small world larger, greater and more wonderfull. I live in Nordhordland near Bergen with my husband.

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