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Some days ago I dug up the courage to write a message to the library discussion list about the inter library lending system. I got some answers, first one indicating that this stupid woman should have made some more enquires and another quite impolite.  This made me wonder why are librarians so eager to put each other down? And then how does experiences like these influence the wish to take part in the debates? To the first question – I really have no idea! The second: I think its necessary to have a bit more self confidence, believe in your message and realize that people are in their right to disagree. Well, this can be a challenge for my autumn activities: take part in the debates?

To day I went to the neighbour library to drop off some books since our transport system is not working during the summer. I missed the opening hours, of course, but I stood outside waving until they came to the rescue and we could make the exchange of books and news. On my way back to the car I saw some yarn with a beautiful colour. I stepped into the shop and some minutes later I came out with all I need to knit a jacket. This is madness, my husband will tell me, but this evening I was sitting on our terrace knitting the sun, the warm evening, the song from the birds into this jacket and I am going to enjoy every moment of the process.

En kommentar om “The impossible art of doing things right!

  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    Impressive! To be knitting
    in the evening sun – and finding
    in it just


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