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It´s like a decease. The long hours reading the morning paper, drinking tea and very slowly planing what to do. I have gotten so used to doing nothing during the three weeks of my vacation, getting back to «normal» life has been like recovering from a serious illness. And so it seems the borrowers at the library are suffering from the same lack of energy to go to the library, search for a good read and give us something to do. Well, I am not exactly complaining, but it seems a little odd, because my notion is that we usually are quite busy at this time.  Today it is the Seniorsurf- day and hopefully some of the elderly can be persuaded to try our PC´s and spend some time surfing on the internet. I´m off to do my duties to the public!

En kommentar om “Recovering from vacation

  1. Per Olav Kaldestad sier:

    Getting back to normal
    is never easy, but then
    normal is never the same
    after a good time away.


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