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View from the bridge overlooking the Oslo Opera and the fjord

View from the bridge overlooking the Oslo Opera and the fjord,
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The trip to Oslo with my colleagues was a great experience! The Book fair was a rather noisy, slightly confusing but full of energy and in Norwegian terms a lot of people. A lot of things were going on and not so very easy to find our way. But that depends on my lack of experience! I met a publisher from England and he said that this was quite a small book fair! Of course, if you compare to the Bologna Children Book Fair it is very small, but  the joy of seeing all the books, the presentations in one place is really great!

Saturday we visited the Opera, we had a tour with an excellent guide and got round to the different parts of the building both in the main hall and backstage. I had planned to go to the Opera with my friends to see «Thora frå Rimold», but the performance was cancelled so I will have to wait for a new opportunity. It was however a beautiful day, a lot of people were walking on the roof of the Opera and the Oslofjord was calm like a dance floor. A day to remember!

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